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Online Hospital Management System Software is the best solution for Web based Hospital Management Systems,ERP Software modules, Hospital administration software.

Completes all requirements of a Hospital Management system software Modules and include Human Resource Management Software , ERP Software, Hospital Management Software , Blood bank software, LIMS Software, Inventory Control Software , Laboratory Information Management System , Pharmacy Management Software , Financial Accounting Software, of Sale Medical billing Software,Inventory Control Software , Pharmacy Management Software ,Web based Medical billing software, Service Management Software,Barcode Solution and Softwares

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Hospital Management System Quanta V2.0

Welcome to Quanta WebHIMS V2.0

Any hospital, laboratory or clinic needs an efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly software , so that it can function to the best of its capabilities.Birlamedisoft's Quanta WebHIMS V2.0 or Quanta-HIS is an online ERP suite which provides just these features. It is a web-based hospital information management system, consisting of independent software modules, which can be integrated to work as a complete system, or which can be used separately.

As this system is online, the data can be accessed from any location, at anytime.Some of the features of Quanta WebHIMS are its versatility, user-friendliness,integrated design, ease of customization, graphical user interface, fast installation process and complete database-driven nature. It has a centralised database and is extremely handy, especially for large-scale hospitals, as it is able to address all the functional areas.

Portability is another important feature and this software can run on virtually any standard hardware platform. The client does not need to worry about the security of his data , as there are strict measures taken to secure the data.The software has multiple levels of security. In case of a system failure, which is extremely rare, the data can be easily recovered.

Operations of the hospital get properly streamlined ,and there is enhanced control over the administration. Patient care also improves after usage of Quanta-HIS. An important module in the software is the billing module, which can be used in any healthcare organization.

All this leads to control of finances and as a result, increase in profits. This creates a win-win situation for all using this system.


patient registration module Patient ModulePACS and teleradiology modulePACS Moduledoctors workbench software moduleDoctor's Workbench
radiology information system moduleRadiology Information Systemlaboratory information system moduleLaboratory Information Systemblood bank moduleBlood Bank Module
user management and authority system moduleUser Management & Authority Systemhospital accounts moduleHospital Accountshospital helpdesk moduleHMS Helpdesk
payroll modulePayroll Modulepharmacy management modulePharmacy ModuleMore


  • Centralised Database system
  • Complete database Driven
  • Modular Structure



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