PACS and Teleradiology Module

  • Birlamedisoft’s product MAXIM PACS is a unique, indigenously developed web PACS by Birlamedisoft, which allows distribution of images within and outside the Hospital using, State of the art technology.
    It does not require installation of any additional software and can be operated directly from the browser providing unsurpassed ease of use from anywhere.
  • MAXIM-PACS can be easily connected to any digital modality or archival system through existing networks, immediately allowing users with standard PCs to view full-quality, non-compressed images over any type of network connection, including the Internet. Radiologists, clinicians, referring physicians are enabled to use the Viewer to view DICOM images in lossless quality from anywhere at anytime, in real time.


    • PACS Master

      PACS master
    • PACS Imaging Controls

      PACS imaging controls
    • PACS Image Controls

      PACS image controls
    • PACS Image Magnification

      PACS image magnification
    • PACS Image Ruler

      PACS image ruler
    • PACS Multiple Image Instances

      PACS multiple image instances
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    Quanta V3.0